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The Far Eastern Championship Games (also known as Far East Games) was a small Asian multi-sport competition considered to be a precursor to the Asian Games.

In 1912, E.S. Brown, president of the Philippine Athletic Association and Manila Carnival Games, proposed the creation of the "Far Eastern Olympic Games" to China and Japan. It was at that time that Governor-General William Cameron Forbes was the president of the Philippine Amateur Athletic Association from 1911-1913. Governor-General Forbes formed the Far Eastern Olympic Association. The first Far Eastern Championship Games was held in the Carnival Grounds (now Rizal Memorial Sports Complex) in Malate, Manila, Philippine Islands on February 4, 1913. Forbes was also the one who formally declare the games open. Six countries participated in the eight day event: The Philippine Islands, Republic of China, Empire of Japan, British East Indies (Malaysia), Kingdom of Thailand and British crown colony Hong Kong. In 1915, the name changed to Far Eastern Championship Games and the association to Far Eastern Athletic Association when the event was held in Shanghai, China. The games were held every two years except in 1929 when Japan decided to delay the project to 1930. The FEAA decided to change the time table to four years and the Philippine Islands hosted 10th edition of the games in 1934. Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) joined in the 1934 FECG. In September 1937, Japan invaded China with the Marco Polo Bridge Incident and started the Second Sino-Japanese War (which later became part of World War II), thus the originally planned game in 1938 was cancelled.

[edit] Host cities

Far Eastern Championship Games
Manila 1913 | Shanghai 1915 | Tokyo 1917 | Manila 1919 | Shanghai 1921 | Osaka 1923 | Manila 1925 | Shanghai 1927 | Tokyo 1930 | Manila 1934 | Osaka 1938 (cancelled)
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New Delhi 1951 | Manila 1954 | Tokyo 1958 | Jakarta 1962 | Bangkok 1966 | Bangkok 1970 | Tehran 1974 | Bangkok 1978 | New Delhi 1982 | Seoul 1986 | Beijing 1990 | Hiroshima 1994 | Bangkok 1998 | Busan 2002 | Doha 2006 | Guangzhou 2010 | 2014
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Sapporo 1986 | Sapporo 1990 | Harbin 1996 | Kangwon 1999 | Aomori 2003 | Changchun 2007 | Almaty 2011 | 2015
Asian Indoor Games
Bangkok 2005 | Macau 2007 | Hanoi 2009 | 2011
Asian Beach Games
Bali 2008
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Far Eastern Championship Games

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