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A stamp showing a young Faisal II

Faisal II (Arabic: الملك فيصل الثاني) (May 2, 1935July 14, 1958) was Iraq's last king. He reigned from 4 April, 1939 until his death.

He was the son of the second king of Iraq, Ghazi, who was killed in an automobile accident when Faisal was three. For most of his reign his uncle 'Abd al-Ilah ruled as regent until Faisal came of age in 1953.

As a teen, Faisal attended Harrow School in the United Kingdom with his cousin King Hussein of Jordan. The two boys were close, and reportedly planned even then to merge their two realms to counter what they considered the threat of militant pan-Arab nationalism.

On February 1 1958 neighbouring Syria joined with Nasser's Egypt to form the United Arab Republic. This prompted the Hashemite kingdoms of Iraq and Jordan to strengthen their position by establishing a similar bloc. Just two weeks later, on February 14, this was signed into existence as the Arab Federation of Iraq and Jordan. Faisal, as the senior member of the Hashemite family, became head of state. However, the reign of Faisal, together with the new state, came to an end a mere five months later. During the summer Hussein asked for Iraqi military assistance in Jordan.

On July 14, 1958, when Colonel Abdul Karim Qassim took control of the Kingdom of Iraq by a coup d'etat, the royal family was ordered to leave the palace in Baghdad: King Faisal II; Crown Prince 'Abd al-Ilah; Princess Hiyam, Abdul Ilah's wife; Princess Nafeesa, Abdul Ilah’s mother, Princess Abadiya, the king’s aunt; and several servants. When all of them arrived in the courtyard they were told to turn towards the palace wall, and were all shot down by Captain Abdus Sattar As Sab’ a member of the coup d'état led by Colonel Abdul Karim Qassim. Nuri as-Said the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Iraq was killed by supporters of Colonel Abdul Karim Qassim on July 15, 1958.

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Born: May 2 1935; Died: July 14 1958

Preceded by:
King Ghazi
King of Iraq
Succeeded by:
Prince Zeid as Pretender or Sharif Ali bin al-Hussein as Pretender
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Faisal II of Iraq

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