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Evsei Liberman (1897–1983) was a Soviet economist who lived in Slavuta (Ukraine) and in Moscow (U.S.S.R).

He was a teacher at the institutes of Work and Technology and at the University of Kharkov. He proposed the need to implant new methods of planning based on the principles of new democratic centralism, dissertation that took form in his article "Plan, benefit and prisms" published in Pravda (1962). This became a base for the Soviet reforms of 1965.

His most outstanding works were "Structure of the balance of an industrial company" (1948), "Means to raise the profitability of the socialistic companies" (1956), "Analysis of the use of resources" (1963), "Plan and benefits for the Soviet economy" (1965) and "Planning of the socialism" (1967).

Liberman was one of the greatest and most influential minds of the Soviet Union. His economic reforms successfully revived the economy of the Soviet Union during the 1960s. Liberman's reform proposals were also implemented in East Germany. It is argued that if he had not influenced reform in these countries, the economic situation would have deteriorated drastically, as the standard of living and the economy were stagnating.

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