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In Greek mythology, Eurytion (or, alternatively, Eurythion) referred to four different people.

  1. The king of Phthia and father of Antigone (not to be confused with the daughter of Oedipus Rex). In Phthia, Peleus was purified by Eurytion for the murder of Phocus and married Antigone, Eurytion's daughter. Peleus accidentally killed Eurytion during the hunt for the Calydonian Boar and fled Phthia.
  2. A centaur who demanded to marry princess Mnesimache of Olenus. Her father was forced to agree but Heracles intervened on her behalf and killed the beast.
  3. Another centaur who attempted to carry off the bride of King Peirithous of the Lapiths on her wedding day. He and his fellows were killed in the fight with the Lapiths that followed.
  4. Son of Ares and the Hesperid Erytheia, who bore him "beside the silver-rooted boundless waters of the river Tartessus, in the hollow of a rock. He was the guardian of the cattle of Geryon and was killed by Heracles.
  5. A Trojan archer during the Trojan War. (Virgil V, 514).
  6. An Argonaut, son of Kenethos and Cerion.


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