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<tr><th colspan="2" style="text-align: center;">Image:Eurosport Logo.jpg</th></tr> <tr><th>Launched</th><td>c. 1989</td></tr><tr><th>Website</th><td></td></tr><tr><th style="background-color: #BFDFFF; font-size: 110%;" align="center" colspan="2">Availability </th></tr><tr><th style="background-color: #d0e5f5;" align="center" colspan="2">Terrestrial</th></tr><tr><th>Top Up TV UK</th><td>Channel 33</td></tr><tr><th style="background-color: #d0e5f5;" align="center" colspan="2">Satellite</th></tr><tr><th>Sky Digital UK</th><td>Channel 410</td></tr><tr><th>Digital+</th><td>Dial 55</td></tr><tr><th>Sky Italia (Italy)</th><td>Channel 210 for Eurosport 1
Channel 211 for Eurosport 2
Channel 212 for Eurosport News</td></tr><tr><th>Astra 1C</th><td>11.259 GHz V (analogue, German and English)</td></tr><tr><th>Astra 1H</th><td>12.226 GHz H / 27.5 (German, FTA)</td></tr><tr><th>Hot Bird</th><td>11.242 GHz V / 27.5 (Viaccess PC 2.5, SECA/Mediaguard 2, Irdeto 2)</td></tr><tr><th style="background-color: #d0e5f5;" align="center" colspan="2">Cable</th></tr><tr><th>NTL:Telewest (UK)</th><td>Channel 521</td></tr>

Eurosport is the largest European sports satellite and cable network available in 54 countries and broadcasting in 18 different languages. It is owned by the TF1 Group.

Eurosport offers viewers varied sports such as UEFA Champions League football, the Paris Dakar Rally, the Olympics, cycling, tennis, wintersports and youth sports like skating and surfing.

It is often provided as the sole sport channel by UK and Irish cable television operators. The channel is popular, and when NTL replaced Eurosport on their Dublin analogue system with CNBC, there was outrage among the Irish tabloid press. In the UK, British Eurosport launched in 1999, replacing Eurosport International on most platforms and this channel has some schedule changes as well as local commentary.

Eurosport is shown in most countries across Europe, with the commentary in the local language, but not necessarily local advertising. Most European countries also have domestic sports channels, which are more likely to show premium events than Eurosport.

Currently there are a number channels broadcast under the Eurosport name: Eurosport (France, British, Deutschland, Italia, Poland, Nordic and Asia Pacific), Eurosport 2 (versions for all Eurosport regions except Asia Pacific) and Eurosport News. SportItalia is also part of the group.


[edit] History

Eurosport was launched in 1989 as a joint venture between the European Broadcasting Union and Sky Television plc. The channel was later relaunched in 1991 as "Eurosport International", after Sky merged with BSB to form BSkyB. BSkyB instead focused on the BSB originated The Sports Channel, which was renamed Sky Sports.

On March 15 1993, cable and satellite channel Screensport merged with Eurosport.

Eurosport was later purchased by a French consortium, comprised of the TF1 Group, Canal Plus and Havas Images. Since January 2001 it is completely owned by TF1.

[edit] British Eurosport presenters

British Eurosport have Live Studio presentations of major Sporting events and Tournements. The Tour de France is presented by James Richardson with Tour veteran commentator and journalist David "Duffers" Duffield. Viewers following the Tour are often entertained by the humourous reports from British Eurosport reporter Andy Botros, who is fast becoming a cult figure.

James Richardson previously hosted the coverage of Serie A football on the Channel from 2002 to 2005 and 2004 UEFA European Football Championship with regular guests Alan Curbishley, DJ Spoony, former Chelsea FC players Paul Elliot, Ed de Hoey, Ray Wilkins, Roberto Di Matteo and current goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini, former England International Luther Blissett and European football journalists Gabriele Marcotti and Xavier Rivoire.

The Australian Open, French Open, U.S. Open (tennis) and WTA Tour Championships on British Eurosport also include a studio presentation normally hosted by Annabel Croft with Hawk-Eye presented by Former British number 2 Jason Goodall.

British Eurosport currently are cover live Greyhound racing on Sunday nights from Sittingbourne and Blackburn Rovers F.C's exploits in Europe this season.

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