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Euro is a common prefix denoting things of or connected with Europe or the European Union. Specific Europe-related meanings of Euro include:

Euro can also refer to:

Euros can refer to:

  • A slang pluralization of Euro, above.
  • Euros (or Eurus, from Greek Εύρος), the Greek name for the rainy, stormy southeast wind.
  • Euros of the Anemoi, a Greek deity representing the southern wind.
  • Euros is also a Welsh name, as in director Euros Lyn.
cs:Euro (rozcestník)

de:Euro (Begriffsklärung) fr:Euro (homonymie) he:יורו ja:ユーロ (曖昧さ回避) lt:Euras (reikšmės) th:ยูโร (แก้ความกำกวม)

Euro (disambiguation)

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