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The European United Left–Nordic Green Left is a socialist and communist political grouping within the European Parliament. In 2005 it had 41 MEPs.

It combines the European United Left subgroup (which consists of a core of parties that are in the Party of the European Left and a periphery of unaffiliated leftist parties) and the Nordic Green Left subgroup consisting of MEPs from the Nordic Green Left Alliance parties of Sweden and Finland.

It has several classes of members: Member Parties are those who are full members of the group. Several parties recently moved from being Observer Parties to Member Parties as their countries joined the EU. Associate Member Parties are from European countries not in the EU. Parties with MEPs as Associate Members are those who do not want to be full members of the group.


[edit] History

GUE-NGL march in Brussels

The group originated when, in 1989, the Italian Communist Party, the Spanish United Left, Socialist People's Party from Denmark and the Greek Synaspismos founded a group called European United Left (GUE, Gauche Unitaire Européen). The Italians would later leave the group after changing its name to Democratic Party of the Left and joining the Party of European Socialists.

Soon after, the meeting of the leftwing parties in the European Parliament began, the group was enlarged to include other parties and established itself as a political group at the beginning of the fourth parliamentary term in 1994 with the name of Confederal Group of the European United Left. At the time, the group was composed by the Spanish United Left, the French Communist Party, the Communist Refoundation Party of Italy, the Portuguese Communist Party, the Communist Party of Greece and the Synaspismos.

[edit] Member parties

It is made up of the following national political parties:

Country National Member Party Subgroup
Cyprus Progressive Party of Working People UEL2
Czech Republic Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia UEL2
Finland Left Alliance NGL
France Parti Communiste Français UEL1
Germany Left Party UEL1
Greece Synaspismos UEL1
Communist Party of Greece UEL3
Republic of Ireland Sinn Féin UEL3
United Kingdom Sinn Féin UEL3
Italy Rifondazione Comunista UEL1
Party of the Italian Communists UEL2
Netherlands Socialist Party UEL3
Portugal Portuguese Communist Party UEL3
Slovakia Communist Party of Slovakia UEL2
Spain Izquierda Unida (Spain) UEL1
Sweden Left Party NGL
Associate Parties with MEPs
Portugal Leftwing Bloc UEL1
Associate Parties without MEPs
Luxembourg The Left UEL1
Associate Parties from outside the EU
Norway Socialist Left Party NGL
Romania Socialist Alliance Party UEL1
Switzerland Swiss Labour Party UEL1
Parties with MEPs as Associate Members of the Parliamentary Group
Denmark Folkebevaegelsen


  • 1 - Party is a member of the Party of the European Left (PEL)
  • 2 - Party is an observer in the PEL
  • 3 - Party is unaffiliated to either PEL or NGLA

[edit] References

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European United Left–Nordic Green Left

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