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The European People's Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats is a group in the European Parliament. It is comprised of the European People's Party and the non-party subgroup European Democrats (not to be confused with the centrist European Democratic Party). The name of the grouping is abbreviated to EPP-ED.

In broad terms, EPP-ED is an alliance of Christian democrat and conservative parties.

The partnership between the EPP and ED began in May 1992. After the European Parliament elections in 1999 it became the largest faction with 233 of the 626 seats. After the elections of 2004 it remained the largest party with 268 of the 732 seats.

On 13 July 2006, David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party (UK), and Czech Prime Minister-designate Mirek Topolánek, leader of the Civic Democratic Party, announced that their parties will leave the ED and form the Movement for European Reform following the European Parliament elections in 2009.

[edit] Group members

The EPP-ED is currently made up of the following parties, with ED members in grey:

Image:Flag of Austria.svg AustriaÖsterreichische Volkspartei (Austrian Peoples Party) 6 EPP
Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium(Flanders): Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams (Christian Democratic & Flemish) 3 EPP
(Flanders): Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie (New Flemish Alliance)1 EPP
(Wallonia): Centre démocrate Humaniste (Humanist Center Democrats) 1 EPP
(German): Christlich Soziale Partei (Christian Social Party) 1 EPP
Image:Flag of Cyprus.svg CyprusDimokratikos Sinagermos (Democratic Rally) 2 EPP
Gia tin Evropi (For Europe) 1 EPP
Image:Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicEvropští demokraté (European Democrats)2 EPP
Křesťansko-demokratická unie - Československá strana lidová (Christian Democratic Union - Czechoslovak People's Party)2 EPP
Občanská demokratická strana (Civic Democratic Party) 9 ED
SNK sdružení nezávislých (Union of Independents)1 EPP
Image:Flag of Denmark.svg DenmarkDet Konservative Folkeparti (The Conservative People's Party) 1 EPP
Image:Flag of Estonia.svg EstoniaIsamaaliit (Fatherland Union) 1 EPP
Image:Flag of Finland.svg FinlandKansallinen Kokoomus (National Coalition Party) 4 EPP
Image:Flag of France.svg FranceUnion pour un Mouvement Populaire 17 EPP
Image:Flag of Germany.svg GermanyChristlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands (Christian Democratic Union) 40 EPP
Christlich Soziale Union in Bayern (Christian Social Union in Bavaria) 9 EPP
Image:Flag of Greece.svg GreeceNea Demokratia (New Democracy) 11 EPP
Image:Flag of Hungary.svg HungaryFidesz - Magyar Polgári Szövetség (Hungarian Citizens' Party) 13 EPP
Image:Flag of Ireland.svg IrelandFine Gael 5 EPP
Image:Flag of Italy.svg ItalyUnione dei Democratici Cristiani e Democratici di Centro (Union of Christian and Centre Democrats) 5 EPP
Forza Italia (Forward Italy) 16 EPP
Alleanza Popolare-UDEUR (Popular Alliance) 1 EPP
Partito dei Pensionati (Pensioners' Party) 1 ED
Südtiroler Volkspartei (South Tyrol People's Party) 1 EPP
Image:Flag of Latvia.svg LatviaJaunais Laiks (New Era Party) 2 EPP
Tautas Partija (People's Party) 1 EPP
Image:Flag of Lithuania.svg LithuaniaTėvynės sąjunga -Lietuvos konservatoriai ((Homeland Union-Lithuanian Conservatives)) 2 EPP
Image:Flag of Luxembourg.svg LuxembourgChrëstlich Sozial Vollekspartei (Christian Social People's Party) 3 EPP
Image:Flag of Malta.svg MaltaPartit Nazzjonalista (Nationalist Party) 2 EPP
Image:Flag of the Netherlands.svg NetherlandsChristen-Democratisch Appèl (Christian Democratic Appeal) 7 EPP
Image:Flag of Poland.svg PolandPlatforma Obywatelska (Citizens Platform) 15 EPP
Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe (Polish Peasants' Party) 1 EPP
Image:Flag of Portugal.svg PortugalPartido Social Democrata (Party of Social Democrats) 7 EPP
Partido Popular (People's Party) 2 ED
Image:Flag of Slovakia.svg SlovakiaMagyar Koalíció Pártja (Party of the Hungarian Coalition) 2 EPP
Kresťansko-demokratické hnutie (Christian Democratic Movement) 3 EPP
Slovenská demokratická a kresťanská únia (Slovak Democratic and Christian Union) 3 EPP
Image:Flag of Slovenia.svg SloveniaNova Slovenija (New Slovenia, Christian People's Party) 2 EPP
Slovenska demokratska stranka (Slovenian Democratic Party) 2 EPP
Slovenska ljudska stranka (Slovene People's Party) 0 EPP
Image:Flag of Spain.svg SpainPartido Popular (People's Party) 24 EPP
Image:Flag of Sweden.svg SwedenModeraterna (Moderates) 4 EPP
Kristdemokraterna (Christian Democrats) 2 EPP
Image:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom (Great Britain): Conservative Party 27 ED
(Northern Ireland): Ulster Unionist Party 1 ED

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European People's Party–European Democrats

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