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European People's Party
Europäische Volkspartei
Parti populaire européen
Partito Popolare Europeo
Partido Popular Europeo
Image:Epp 2005logo.png
President Wilfried Martens
Founded 1976
Headquarters Aarlenstraat 67, rue d'Arlon,
1040 Brussels, Belgium
Political Ideology Christian democracy, Conservatism
International Affiliation Christian Democrat and People's Parties International
European Parliament Group European People's Party - European Democrats
Colours Blue
See also Politics of the EU

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The European People's Party (EPP) is the largest European political party. Founded in 1976, the EPP includes Christian Democratic and conservative parties in Europe.

In the European Parliament the EPP cooperates with the more conservative and eurosceptic European Democrats faction to form the EPP-ED Group.

According to its website the EPP is "a family of the political centre whose roots are deep in the history of European civilization. It unites like-minded national parties, in EU Member States and in EU applicant countries and we maintain close contact with decided probable candidate countries."

The EPP has a youth political party called the Youth of the European People's Party (YEPP). The European Democratic Students (EDS) is a group of student political parties associated with the EPP.


[edit] Member Parties

Image:Flag of Austria.svg Austria

Image:Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium

Image:Flag of Cyprus.svg Cyprus

Image:Flag of the Czech Republic (bordered).svg Czech Republic

Image:Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark

Image:Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia

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Christian Democratic parties
Christian Democrat International
European People's Party
European Democratic Party
Euro Christian Political Movement
Christian Dem Org of America


Social conservatism
Social market economy
Human dignity · Personalism
Freedom · Justice · Solidarity
Sphere sovereignty · Subsidiarity
Communitarianism · Federalism
Stewardship · Sustainability

Catholic social teaching
Neo-Calvinism · Neo-Thomism

Important Documents

Rerum Novarum (1891)
Stone Lectures (Princeton 1898)
Graves de Communi Re (1901)
Quadragesimo Anno (1931)
Laborem Exercens (1981)
Sollicitudi Rei Socialis (1987)
Centesimus Annus (1991)

Important Figures

Thomas Aquinas · John Calvin
Pope Leo XIII · Abraham Kuyper
Maritain · Adenauer · De Gasperi
Pope Pius XI · Schuman
Pope John Paul II · Kohl

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Cultural conservatism
Fiscal conservatism
Liberal conservatism
National conservatism
Social conservatism
National variants
American conservatism
Canadian conservatism
Free Market
Individual rights
Private property
Rule of law
Social conservatism
Social order
Conservative parties
Int'l Democrat Union
European People's Party
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Image:Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary

Image:Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland

Image:Flag of Italy.svg Italy

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Image:Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania

Image:Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg

Image:Flag of Malta (bordered).svg Malta

Image:Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands

Image:Flag of Poland (bordered).svg Poland

Image:Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal

Image:Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia

Image:Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia

Image:Flag of Spain.svg Spain

Image:Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden

[edit] Associate Members

Image:Flag of Bulgaria (bordered).svg Bulgaria

Image:Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia

Image:Flag of Norway.svg Norway

Image:Flag of Romania.svg Romania

Image:Flag of Serbia (state) (bordered).svg Serbia

Image:Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland

[edit] Observers

Image:Flag of Albania.svg Albania

Image:Flag of Belarus.svg Belarus

Image:Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bosnia and Herzegovina

Image:Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia

Image:Flag of Finland (bordered).svg Finland

Image:Flag of Italy.svg Italy

Image:Flag of Moldova.svg Moldova

Image:Flag of Norway.svg Norway

Image:Flag of San Marino.svg San Marino

Image:Flag of Serbia (state) (bordered).svg Serbia

Image:Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine

Image:Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey

[edit] External links

Pan-European political organisations
Image:European flag.svg
Recognized by the EU as "political parties at European level":

European Democratic Party | EUDemocrats | European Free Alliance | European Green Party | Alliance of Independent Democrats in Europe | Party of the European Left | European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party | Alliance for Europe of the Nations | European People's Party | Party of European Socialists

Other pan-European confederations of national political parties:

European Anticapitalist Left | European Christian Political Movement | European Democrat Union | Euronat | European National Front | Nordic Green Left Alliance | Movement for European Reform

Dedicated European-level-only parties:

Europe — Democracy — Esperanto | Europe United | Newropeans

Groups in the European Parliament
Image:European Parliament 6th term.svg

EPP–ED (264) | PES (201) | ALDE (90) | Greens–EFA (42) | EUL–NGL (41) | UEN (34) | IND/DEM (28) | N/A (32)

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elections in the European Union, party composition of the council

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European People's Party

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