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European Democratic Party
Europäische Demokratische Partei
Parti démocrate européen
Partito democratico europeo
Partido Demócrata Europeo
President François Bayrou MP and Francesco Rutelli MP
Founded December 9 2004
Headquarters 103 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt
1050 Brussels, Belgium
Political Ideology Reformism, Centrism
International Affiliation Alliance of American and European Democrats
European Parliament Group Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Colours orange and blue
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For other uses, see European Democrats (disambiguation).

The European Democratic Party (EDP) is a centrist European political party very strongly in favour of European integration ("europeanist"). It was initiated on April 16 2004 and formally founded on December 9 in Brussels. François Bayrou of France's UDF and Francesco Rutelli of Italy's Margherita Party serve as the first two co-presidents.

The EDP was founded in reaction to the rising influence of eurosceptic parties within European institutions. It drew pro-European centre-right parties from the European People's Party and centre-left parties from the Party of European Socialists to form a new centrist multinational bloc.

The reformism is another the principal standard of the party and in fact the PDE assembles center reformists in a transverse way, either if they are of social Christian or social democratic or a mixture does not matter.

Its cofounder François Bayrou (UDF) described it as a party for people being neither conservative nor socialist, like the United States Democratic Party.

Current Members are:

As of May 2006, Margherita is in government a core member of Prime Minister Romano Prodi's Olive Tree federation within The Union, and the Lithuanian Labour Party is the largest party in the Lithuanian Seimas.

[edit] Cooperation with ELDR

The meeting of the Parliamentary Group of the liberal democrat European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party which took place in Brussels on July 13, 2004 approved a recommendation to unite the ELDR Group and the EDP Group into the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group. Although their MEPs currently sit together, these two European political parties remain separate parties.

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European Democratic Party

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