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Founded in 1991, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) uses the tools of investment to help build market economies and democracies in 27 countries from central Europe to central Asia.

The EBRD is owned by 60 countries and two intergovernmental institutions. Despite its public sector shareholders, it invests mainly in private enterprises, usually together with commercial partners.

EBRD provides project financing for banks, industries and businesses, both new ventures and investments in existing companies. It also works with publicly owned companies to support privatization, restructuring state-owned firms and improvement of municipal services.

The EBRD’s mandate stipulates that it must only work in countries that are committed to democratic principles. The EBRD is directed by its founding agreement to promote, in the full range of its activities, environmentally sound and sustainable development.


[edit] Members/shareholders

Image:EBRD members.png
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development member states ██ members, only financing ██ members, recipients of investments
members, recipients of investments: [1] members, only financing: members, only financing:
Albania Australia Austria
Armenia Belgium Canada
Azerbaijan Cyprus Denmark
Belarus Egypt Israel
Bosnia and Herzegovina Finland France
Bulgaria Germany Greece
Croatia Iceland Ireland
Czech Republic Italy Japan
Estonia Luxembourg Malta
Georgia Norway Portugal
Hungary Morocco Netherlands
Kazakhstan United Kingdom United States of America
Kyrgyz Republic Korea, Republic of Mexico
FYR Macedonia New Zealand Spain
Moldova Sweden Switzerland
Slovak Republic

Financing members, European Union institutions:

[edit] Requirements for EBRD financing

EBRD financing for private sector projects generally ranges from €5 million to €250 million, in the form of loans or equity. The average EBRD investment is €25 million.

Smaller projects may be financed through financial intermediaries or through special programmes for smaller direct investments in the less advanced countries.

To be eligible for EBRD funding, the project must:
- be located in an EBRD country of operations
- have strong commercial prospects
- involve significant equity contributions in-cash or in-kind from the project sponsor
- benefit the local economy and help develop the private sector
- satisfy banking and environmental standards.

Project structure
The EBRD tailors each project to the needs of the client and to the specific situation of the country, region and sector. The EBRD typically funds up to 35 per cent of the total project cost for a greenfield project or 35 per cent of the long-term capitalisation of the project company. The Bank requires significant equity contributions from the sponsors, which must equal or be greater than the EBRD’s investment.

There must be additional funding from the sponsors, other co-financiers or generated through the EBRD’s syndications programme.

Sectors supported by the EBRD
The EBRD finances projects in most sectors.

These include:
- agribusiness
- energy efficiency
- financial institutions
- manufacturing
- municipal and environmental infrastructure
- natural resources
- power and energy
- property and tourism
- telecommunications, information technology and media
- transport.

[edit] EBRD Presidents

April 1991 – June 1993: Jacques Attali
September 1993 – January 1998: Jacques de Larosiere
September 1998 – April 2000: Horst Kohler
July 2000 – present: Jean Lemierre

[edit] Headquarters address

One Exchange Square
London EC2A 2JN
United Kingdom

[edit] External links

cs:Evropská banka pro obnovu a rozvoj de:Europäische Bank für Wiederaufbau und Entwicklung es:Banco Europeo para la Reconstrucción y el Desarrollo eo:Eŭropa Banko por Rekonstruo kaj Evoluigo fr:Banque européenne pour la reconstruction et le développement it:Banca Europea per la Ricostruzione e lo Sviluppo lt:Tarptautinis rekonstrukcijos ir plėtros bankas lb:BERD nl:Europese Bank voor Wederopbouw en Ontwikkeling no:Den europeiske bank for gjenoppbygning og utvikling pl:Europejski Bank Odbudowy i Rozwoju ru:Европейский банк реконструкции и развития sr:Европска банка за реконструкцију и развој uz:Evropa Rekonstruktsiya va Rivojlanish Banki

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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