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The Netherlands
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Europe Transparent (Europa Transparant) is a political party in the Netherlands. The founder of the party, Paul van Buitenen, announced the party's establishment on 8 April 2004. In the 2004 election to the European Parliament the party gained two seats, after a campaign that cost no more than €4,000. Van Buitenen and the number two on the list, Els de Groen, who has written about corruption scandals in Eastern Europe, have joined the European Greens–European Free Alliance party group as independent members.

The party claims to be apolitical: they aim to fight for more open European government, against fraud, corruption and favouring of friends. Because the pursuit of this goal is their primary occupation, they participate only to a limited extent in the normal system of debates, reports, meetings, etc.

Their ultimate goal is to be able to disband themselves when they have made the European Union transparent.

To promote transparency, in 2005 Hans Peter Martin, Paul van Buitenen (Europa Transparant) and Ashley Mote decided to cooperate under the name Platform for Transparency (PfT).

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