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Taizu of the Liao Dynasty was emperor of the Khitan Empire (907-926). His given names were Yelü Abaoji (耶律阿保磯).

He was born in 872 and died in 926. He had a turbulent childhood. His grandfather was killed in a conflict between tribes, and his father and uncles fled. Yelü Abaoji was hidden by his grandmother for his safety.

In 901, Yelü Abaoji was made the chieftain of the Khitan tribe. For the next several years, he raided areas around Khitan. In 907, he was elected to be the leader of a military alliance. During the next 9 years, Yelü Abaoji killed off unwilling leaders and consolidated his power. During this time period, his brothers rose up and rebelled against him three times, but Yelü Abaoji successfully defeated them.

On March 17, 927, Yelü Abaoji was crowned as emperor of the Khitan Empire, later Liao Dynasty. He ordered for a writing to be created for his language. He also destroyed the Kingdom of Bohai. He died on the road back from one of his many campaigns.

Taizu was succeeded by Taizong (926-947).

Era names:
Shence (神冊 Shéncè) (916-922)
Tianzan (天贊 Tiānzàn) (922-926)
Tianxian (天顯 Tiānxiǎn) (926)

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ko:요 태조 ja:耶律阿保機 zh:耶律阿保机

Emperor Taizu of Liao

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