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Emperor Kōtoku (孝徳天皇 Kōtoku Tennō) (596? - November 24, 654)<ref name=Japanese_dates1>November 24, 654 corresponds to the Tenth Day of the Tenth Month of 654 (kōin) of the traditional lunisolar calendar used in Japan until 1873.</ref> was the 36th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. He ruled from July 12, 645<ref name=Japanese_dates2>July 12, 645 corresponds to the Fourteenth Day of the Sixth Month of 645 (isshi).</ref> until his death in 654. His name in birth was Prince Karu. He enacted the Taika Reform Edicts.

He was a descendant of Emperor Bidatsu. He was a son of Chinu no ōkimi (Prince Chinu) by Kibihime no ōkimi (Princess Kibihime). Empress Kōgyoku was his elder sister from same parents. Chinu was a son of Prince Oshisaka hikohito no ōe whose father was the Emperor Bidatsu. He had at least three consorts including his Empress, Hashihito no Himemiko (Princess Hashihito), the daughter of Emperor Jomei and his sister Empress Kōgyoku.

In 645 he ascended to the throne two days after Prince Naka no Ōe assassinated Soga no Iruka in the court of Kōgyoku. Kōgyoku abdicated in favor of his son and crown prince, Naka no Ōe, but Naka no Ōe insisted Kōtoku should ascend to the throne instead.

According to Nihonshoki he was of gentle personality and was favor in Buddhism. In 645 he created a new city in the area called Naniwa, and moved the capital from Yamato province to this new city (see Nara). The new capital had a sea port and was good for foreign trade and diplomatic activities. In 653 Kotoku sent an embassy to Tang Dynasty, but not all ships could reach China because of wrecking.

Naka no Ōe held the rank of crown prince and was the de facto leader of the government. In 653 Naka no Ōe proposed to move the capital again to Yamato province. Kotoku denied. Naka no Ōe ignored the emperor's policy and moved to the former province. Many courtiers and loyals in the court including Empress Hashihito followed him. Kotoku was left in the palace. In the next year he died because of illness. After his death, Naka no Ōe wouldn't ascend to the throne soon but his mother and the sister of Kotoku, the former Empress Kogyoku ascended to the throne under another name, Saimei.

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Preceded by:
Empress Kōgyoku
Emperor of Japan
Succeeded by:
Empress Saimei

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Emperor Kotoku

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