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</td></tr> <tr><th>Publisher</th><td>Rossana Rosado</td></tr><tr><th>Editor</th><td>Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush</td></tr> <tr><th>Political allegiance</th><td>Moderate</td></tr>
El Diario La Prensa
TypeDaily newspaper

OwnerimpreMedia LLC
HeadquartersNew York City, NY, U.S.

Website: www.eldiariony.com

El Diario la Prensa is the largest Spanish-language daily newspaper in New York City and the oldest in the United States. The paper covers local, national and international news with an emphasis on Latin America, as well as human-interest stories, politics, business and technology, health, entertainment, and sports. Its daily readership is 243,000.

The newspaper was created through the merger of El Diario de Nueva York (established 1947) and La Prensa (established 1913) when both were purchased by O. Roy Chalk. El Diario La Prensa merged with the Los Angeles-based La Opinión in 2004 to form ImpreMedia. It is the largest Spanish-language newspaper publisher in the United States.

The newspaper has won many awards from the National Association of Hispanic Publications. In 2005 its awards included first place for editorial writing, political and cultural reporting, and feature writing.

El Diario's chief competitor is Hoy, a Spanish-language daily with 180,000 readers in New York.

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