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The Egyptian Military Academy (Arabic: الكلية العسكرية), is the country's oldest and most prominent military academy in Egypt and the region.
It is the first Academic edifice in the country, the Middle East, and one of Egypt's sources of pride throughout its deeply- rooted history.
Traditionally, graduates of the Military Academy are commissioned as officers in the Egyptian Army, however they may serve in other branches and commands of the Egyptian military establishment.

Its director is Major General Mohamed Aly Flefel


[edit] Historical Background

The Military Academy dates back to the year 1811 when the first Military School was set up in the citadel area of Cairo . In 1820 , the military school moved to Aswan and in 1908 it was relocated in El -Abassia Military Barracks of El- Koba Bridge area . In March 1938 , the Military School's name changed to become the Military Academy . After the July Revolution in 1952, the Military Academy Site of today was established and inaugurated by the late President Gamal Abd El-Nasser on March 3rd, 1955.

[edit] Academy Objectives

Preparing and qualifying cadets to be combat officers capable of commanding sub-units during times of Peace and War under various psychological , physical and morale conditions to maintain the highest level of combat efficiency of their units with the help of scientific and cultural background that enables them to adapt to the swift advances in the area of military sciences . The Academy awards two types of degrees:

  • Bachelor Degree in Military Sciences
  • Military Studies Completion Certificate (for University graduates who choose a career in the Egyptian Armed Forces upon graduation)
  • Language Courses for English and Arabic (for officers of foreign countries like Sudan or Germany)

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