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The Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield is a peer in the Peerage of Great Britain, holding two separate creations of the title of Earl of Mansfield in that peerage, the first created in 1776 and the second in 1792.

Both creations were in favour of William Murray, 1st Baron Mansfield (who had been raised to the peerage in 1756 on his appointment as Lord Chief Justice) but had, under the letters patent creating them, different descents. The creation of 1776 passed to his nephew's wife Louisa, Viscountess Stormont, while the creation of 1792 went to the first Earl's nephew David, Viscount Stormont. Eventually, however, the two titles came to be united under a single holder their grandson.

The Earl holds the subsidiary titles of Viscount of Stormont (1621) and Lord Scone (1605) and Lord Balvaird (1641) in the Peerage of Scotland.

The family seat is Scone Palace in Perthshire.

[edit] Earls of Mansfield, First Creation (1776)

The Heir Apparent is Alexander David Mungo Murray, Viscount Stormont (b. 17 October 1956)

His Heir Apparent is William Philip David Mungo Murray, Master of Stormont (b. 1 November 1988)

[edit] Earls of Mansfield, Second Creation (1792)

Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield

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