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Earl of Huntingdon is a title which has been created several times in the Peerage of England. The Earl possesses no subsidiary titles, but his eldest son uses the invented title Viscount Hastings to avoid confusion, there already being a Baron Hastings.

The family seat of the present line is at Hodcott House, near West Ilsley, in Berkshire.

In fiction, the English folk-hero Robin Hood is sometimes described as Robert, Earl of Huntingdon.


[edit] Earls of Huntingdon, first Creation (1065)

[edit] Earls of Huntingdon, second Creation (1337)

[edit] Earls of Huntingdon, third Creation (1377)

[edit] Earls of Huntingdon, fourth Creation (1388)

[edit] Earls of Huntingdon, fifth Creation (1471)

[edit] Earls of Huntingdon, sixth Creation (1479)

[edit] Earls of Huntingdon, seventh Creation (1529)

Image:Earl of Huntingdon coa.png
Arms of the Earls of Huntingdon.

His heir: Hon Simon Aubrey Robin Hood Hastings Bass (b. 1950)

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Earl of Huntingdon

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