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 • Coordinates
 • ~° N ~° E
Population (2003)
 • Density
 • /km²
17,685 km²
Time zone IST (UTC+3)
Main language(s) Arabic

Diyala (Arabic: ديالى) is one of the constituent governorates of the nation of Iraq. It extends to the northeast of Baghdad as far as the Iranian border. Its capital is Baquba.

Diyala province covers an area of 17,685 square kilometres (6,828 sq mi). In 2003, it had an estimated population of some 1,271,000 people, mostly Sunni Arabs, with a sizeable community of Shi'a Arabs and Kurds. A large portion of the province is drained by the Diyala River, a major tributary of the Tigris. Because of its proximity to two major sources of water, Diyala's main industry is agriculture, primarily dates grown in large Date Palm groves. It is also recognized as the orange capital of the Middle East.

The Diyala Province also boasts the Diyala Media Center which has one of the Middle East's tallest radio and television antenna's at 1,200 metres (3,900 ft). The Diyala Media Center was built under contract by a Japanese architectural firm in 1989. It is one of Iraq's few independent radio and television stations that offer local television and radio news coverage as well as rebroadcasting the state run television media.

There is evidence that Al-Qaeda in Iraq has recently moved its base of operations from Anbar province to Diyala.

The province is divided into six districts:

  • Al Khalis whose population center is the city by the same name. The city of Al Khalis is roughly 15 kilometers (9 mi) North of Baquba.
  • Muqdadiyah also has a population center by the same name. The city of Muqdadiya is roughly 100 kilometers (60 mi) Northeast of Baquba.
  • Baquba one of the major cities in Iraq which is centrally located in the province, roughly 25 kilometers (15 mi) East of the Tigris River and divided in half by the Diyala River. the city of Baquba is roughly 200 kilometers (125 mi) Northeast of Baghdad.

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