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Dillinja, (also known as Capone, Cybotron, D-Type and Original Master), (real name Karl Francis[1]) is a jungle and drum and bass DJ and producer from Brixton in South London. Arguably the most prolific producer on the scene, he set up Valve Recordings in partnership with long-term collaborator Lemon D, with whom he also designed and built the Valve Sound System, purported to be the most bass-heavy system in the world (contrary to rumour it is not the loudest). It is the only sound system purpose built for drum and bass.

Is now currently creating Ear 2 The Ground with Lemon D. A vinyl cutting company specialising in drum and bass.

Albums include My Sound (1993-2004), Cybotron 2000, as well as Big Bad Bass and The Killa-Hertz with Lemon D.

Dillinja takes his name from John Dillinger, the 1920s American gangster; he also uses the aliases 'Capone', 'Trinity' and 'Cybotron'.

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