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Mitsukoshi Department Store in the Nihombashi section of Tokyo

Department stores in Japan are referred to as depāto (デパート), an abbreviation of the English term.

The first department store in Japan was renowned for being one of the first major establishments to allow street shoes to be worn indoors.[citation needed] Today, depato are bastions of several aspects of cultural conservatism in the country. Gift certificates for prestigious department stores are frequently given as formal presents in Japan.

[edit] Characteristics

Department stores in Japan generally offer a wide range of services and can include foreign exchange, travel reservations, ticket sales for local concerts and other events,

Most Japanese department stores have sections devoted to kimono and Japanese traditional crafts, including pottery and lacquerware. The basement level usually has a supermarket and food court.

Operating hours are usually from 10am to 8pm. Some close one day a week, often a weekday.

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Department stores in Japan

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