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Southern Zone (Zoba Debub)
Image:Eritrea Southern.png
Administration type Zoba
Administrator Mustafa Nurhusein
Capital Mendefera
Population 755,379
Surface Area 8,000 km²

Debub is a region of Eritrea, also known as the Southern region. This region lies along a portion of the national border with Ethiopia. It shares its western border with the region of Gash-Barka, its north with Maakel (central) and its eastern with the Northern Red Sea region.

This region has an area of around 8,000 km², and its capital is Adi Ugri. Other towns in Debub include Adi Keyh, Adi Quala, Dekemhare, Senafe. The archeological sites of Metera and Qohaito are also located in the region.

The region also includes the following districts:

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