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David D(irector) Friedman (born February 2, 1945) is a libertarian writer and economist who became a leading figure in the anarcho-capitalist community with the publication of his book The Machinery of Freedom (1973, revised 1989). He has also authored the books Price Theory (1986), Law's Order (2000) and Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life (1996).

He holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Chicago, although he is mostly known for his work in political theory and economics. He is a professor of law at Santa Clara University. Earlier in his career he was a professor of economics.

David Friedman comes from a strongly academic family. He is the son of Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman. Also part of the family is sister Janet Friedman, economist mother Rose Friedman, and law professor uncle Aaron Director. His son, Patri Friedman, has also written on libertarian topics.

Professor Friedman is also a longtime member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, where he is known as Duke Cariadoc of the Bow. He is known throughout the worldwide society for his articles on the philosophy of recreationism and practical historical recreations, especially those relating to the medieval Middle East. His work is compiled in the popular Cariadoc's Miscellany. He also founded the largest and longest-running SCA event, the Pennsic War; as king of the Middle Kingdom he challenged the East Kingdom, and later as king of the East accepted the challenge.

He is a science fiction fan, and has written a fantasy novel, Harald (Baen Books, 2006).

Friedman is also a contributing editor for Liberty magazine.


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