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For the historian, see David Christian (historian).

David Christian (born 1948) was the most decorated and youngest American officer in the Vietnam War. Christian lead a reconnaissance platoon that gained the nickname "Christian's Butchers" for their success. By studying the enemy and adopting their tactics, Christian's recon team was able to effectively fight the enemy. Christian's service in Vietnam ended when he was severely burned by napalm; thirty-three surguries were required to repair the damage. An army review board ruled that he should be retired. Both the Veteran's Administration and the Social Security Administration rated him 100 percent disabled. David Christian was the U.S. Army's youngest retired captain.

After returning home, Christian was mocked by antiwar demonstrators when he enrolled in Villanova University. He was later accepted into Rutgers Law School.

Christian gave the final speech dedicating the Vietnam Memorial.

Christian twice ran for Congress as a Republican (1984, 1986), narrowly losing twice to incumbent Peter H. Kostmayer.

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  • He can truly be regarded as the Sylvester Stallone of the Vietnam War. --Photographer Philip Jones Griffiths, from Vietnam at Peace
  • David Christian embodies the spirit of the American fighting man on the battlefield. --Sen. John Kerry (|DMass.)
  • David Christian saved my life and has in many ways acted as a father to me. I can't respect him enough for his bravery, kindness, wit and larger than life aura. I consider myself extreamly lucky to be his friend. --Artist Paul Gray

David Christian

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