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Danish Crown Regalia. The symbols of the Danish monarchy, consist of the crown, the sceptre (symbolising supreme authority), the orb (a globus cruciger, symbolising the earthly realm surmounted by a cross), the sword of state and the ampulla.

The Danish Royal Regalia are kept at Rosenborg Castle. The oldest of these is Christian III's sword of state from 1551. They further include King Christian IV's diamond; pearl- and gold-embroidered saddles; objects carved from ivory and rock-crystal; lapidary pieces of precious stones, and brooches in the form of fantastic animals.

Image:Denmark globus cruciger.jpg
Danish Globus Cruciger

The regalia were worn at the coronation of the elective monarchs, when the clergy and nobility placed the crown on the king's head.

After the introduction of absolutism in 1660, the crowning of the king was replaced by anointment, for which the king arrived in the church wearing the crown and was consecrated to his calling by being anointed with oil. For the anointing of Christian V, a new crown was made along with a throne of narwhal teeth (supposedly the mythical unicorn's horn) and three silver lions.

With the 1849 Constitution, anointing was discontinued and since then the crown jewels have only been used on the occasion of the monarch's castrum doloris ('camp of woe') when the crown is placed on the coffin and the other regalia are laid at its foot, guarded by the three lions.

Rosenborg also houses four sets of Crown Jewels still worn by HM the Queen of Denmark, and the Royal Regalia which gave a monarch their authority to rule. It includes King Christian IV's coronation crown, which is a fine example of Renaissance gildswork. The Royal Collection has other important items and jewels, as well as precious prayer-books, and items belonging to the Order of the Elephant and the Order of the Dannebrog.

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