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Cycling will be contested at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar. Road cycling will be held at the Cycling Street Circuit and the Al-Khor Circuit from December 3 to December 6, while Track cycling will be contested Aspire Hall 1 from December 9 to December 14. Both disciplines include competition for both men and women.


[edit] Road Cycling

[edit] Men

Rider NOC Time
Wong Kam Po Image:Flag of Hong Kong.svg3:45:02
Mehdi Sohrabi Image:Flag of Iran.svg3:45:02
Park Sung Baek Image:Flag of South Korea (bordered).svg3:45:02
Ulzii Orshikh Jamsran Image:Flag of Mongolia.svg3:45:05
Ilya Chernyshov Image:Flag of Kazakhstan.svg3:45:05
Makoto Iijima Image:Flag of Japan (bordered).svg3:45:05
Hossein Askari Image:Flag of Iran.svg3:45:05
Andrey Medyannikov Image:Flag of Kazakhstan.svg3:45:05
Fumiyuki Beppu Image:Flag of Japan (bordered).svg3:47:57
Fuyu Li Image:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg3:55:17
Badr Mohamed Banihammad Image:Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg3:55:17
Kai Tsun Lam Image:Flag of Hong Kong.svg3:55:17
Arnel Quirimit Image:Flag of the Philippines.svg3:55:17
Fadi Shikhoni Image:Flag of Syria.svg3:55:17
Bold Erdene Boldbaatar Image:Flag of Mongolia.svg3:55:17

17 68 ABDULJANAN Khaleel Image:Flag of Qatar.svg 3:58:57
18 79 HASANIN Omar Image:Flag of Syria.svg 4:00:43
19 81 CHEN Keng Hsien Image:Chinese Taipei Olympic Flag (bordered).svg 4:02:16
20 88 SHAMBIH Khalid Ali Image:Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg 4:09:14
21 63 DAVADILLA Warren Image:Flag of the Philippines.svg 4:10:52
22 94 DANG TRUNG Hieu Image:Flag of Vietnam.svg 4:10:52
23 61 GULFAM Shahzada Muhammad Zahid Image:Flag of Pakistan.svg 4:10:54
24 11 SAMAI Samai Image:Flag of Indonesia.svg 4:10:54
25 51 HASSAN Suhardi Image:Flag of Malaysia.svg 4:10:54
26 36 CHOI Suk Yoon Image:Flag of South Korea (bordered).svg 4:10:54
27 44 AL MUSLIM Fathi {flagIOC|KSA}} 4:10:54
28 70 AL MORAQAB Radhwan Image:Flag of Qatar.svg 4:11:27
29 74 LOKUGE Kalahe Image:Flag of Sri Lanka.svg 4:18:11
30 47 LIANE Samir Image:Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon 4:18:20

1 AL DOSERI Ahmed Image:Flag of Brunei.svg DNF
10 MAT Nur Image:Flag of Indonesia.svg DNF
45 ALASSIRI Ahmed Image:Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg DNF
60 ALI Dilsher Image:Flag of Pakistan.svg DNF
48 CHAN Lam Fai Image:Flag of Macau.svg DNF
49 KWAN Chung Yin Image:Flag of Macau.svg DNF
84 WU Po Hung Image:Chinese Taipei Olympic Flag (bordered).svg DNF
52 MOHD RAZALLI Shahrul Neeza Image:Flag of Malaysia.svg DNF
95 MAI CONG Hieu Image:Flag of Vietnam.svg DNF
35 VAKKER Evgeny Image:Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg DNF
73 KUMARA Hemantha Image:Flag of Sri Lanka.svg DNF
46 FARGIALLA Jean Pierre Image:Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon DNF
7 SONG Baoqing Image:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg DNF
19 REAUF Mihsien Image:Flag of Iraq.svg DSQ
18 FARKAD Mohammad Image:Flag of Iraq.svg DSQ
92 SHAEKHOV Vadim Image:Flag of Uzbekistan.svg DSQ

[edit] Women

[edit] Track Cycling

[edit] Men

[edit] Sprint

[edit] 1km Time Trial

[edit] 4km Individual Pursuit

[edit] 4km Team Pursuit

[edit] 15km Points Race

[edit] 40km Points Race

[edit] Keirin

[edit] 50km Madison

[edit] Team Sprint

[edit] Women

[edit] Sprint

[edit] 500 m Time Trial

[edit] 3km Individual Pursuit

[edit] 25km Points

[edit] Medal Summary

[edit] Medal Winners

[edit] Men

Road Race Image:Flag of Hong Kong.svg Wong Kam Po Image:Flag of Iran.svg Mehdi Sohrabi Image:Flag of South Korea (bordered).svg Park Sung Baek

[edit] Medal Tally

1Image:Flag of Hong Kong.svgHong Kong1001
2Image:Flag of Iran.svg Iran0101
3Image:Flag of South Korea (bordered).svg Korea0011

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