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The Crown of Frederick, Prince of Wales is a crown manufactured in 1728 for Frederick, Prince of Wales, Heir Apparent of King George II of England. The solid gold single arched crown was manufactured probably by royal goldsmith Samuel Shales at a cost of £140/5/- (one hundred and forty pounds and five shillings).

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It is not known if it was actually worn by Prince Frederick, who died before he could inherit the throne. It was used both by his son, George III and his grandson, George IV when each was Prince of Wales. However it was not worn after the 18th century, instead being carried on a cushion ahead of the Prince in possession.

It was replaced by the Crown of George, Prince of Wales (later King George V) in 1902. This crown was made in 1728, of silver-gilt, for Prince Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales, the son of King George II. It was used when he took his seat in the House of Lords, where it was placed on a cushion in front of him. It was used by subsequent Princes of Wales in the same fashion, but rarely ever worn.

The crown was last used by King Edward VII when he was Prince of Wales.

The single arch crown is only worn by a Prince of Wales.

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Crown of Frederick, Prince of Wales

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