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The Continental Congress is the label given to two successive bodies of representatives of the inhabitants of the Thirteen Colonies in 18th century British North America:

Upon the ratification of the Articles, the United States was formed, and the Continental Congress was succeeded by the first legislative government of the United States:

Initially formed to coordinate a common American response to the Intolerable Acts, the Continental Congress rapidly became the governing body of a military alliance as the dispute with the British government escalated into the American Revolutionary War. Once the war ended, the members of the Congress served as the governing body of the United States of America, reorganized as a new national legislature.da:Kontinentale kongres de:Kontinentalkongress fr:Congrès continental ka:კონტინენტალური კონგრესი he:הקונגרס הקונטיננטלי nl:Continental Congress no:Den kontinentale kongress pl:Kongres Kontynentalny sv:Kontinentala kongressen zh:大陆会议

Continental Congress

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