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Constantine is a common name derived from the Latin word constans, meaning constant or steadfast.

[edit] People called Constantine

[edit] Rulers called Constantine

See: Hierarchs given named Constantine, Monarchs given named Constantine

[edit] Religious leaders

[edit] Military leaders

[edit] Politicians

[edit] Other

[edit] Constantine as a surname

See: Constantine as a surname

[edit] Constantine as a given name

See: List of articles with forename Constantine

[edit] Places called Constantine

[edit] Educational establishments

[edit] Landmarks

[edit] In Music

[edit] In Comics

[edit] In Film


de:Konstantin el:Κωνσταντίνος es:Constantino fr:Constantine hr:Konstantin he:קונסטנטין hu:Konstantin nl:Constantijn ja:コンスタンティノス pl:Constantine pt:Constantino ru:Константин simple:Constantine sk:Konštantín sr:Константин (вишезначна одредница) sv:Konstantin tr:Konstantin


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