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This article discusses the metropolitan borough of the City of Bradford. For information on the city itself, see Bradford.
Status:Metropolitan borough, City (1897)
Region:Yorkshire and the Humber
Historic county:Yorkshire (West Riding)
Ceremonial county:West Yorkshire
- Total
Ranked 130th
366.42 km²
Admin. HQ:Bradford
ONS code:00CX
- Total (2005 est.)
- Density
Ranked 4th
1,324 / km²
Ethnicity:78.3% White
18.9% S.Asian
1.0% Afro-Caribbean
0.2% Chinese
Bradford City Council
Leadership:Leader & Cabinet
Executive:Conservative (council NOC)
MPs:Ann Cryer, Philip Davies, Terry Rooney, Marsha Singh, Gerry Sutcliffe

Bradford is a metropolitan borough of West Yorkshire with city status. It is named after its largest settlement, the city of Bradford.

The City of Bradford Metropolitan District (population:477,770 Source ONS 2003 Mid Year Estinate) is England's 4th largest district with city status. In terms of the population of its urban area area, which is the primary meaning of city in British English, Bradford is around the tenth largest city in England.


[edit] History

The current borough boundaries date from April 1, 1974, when the county borough of Bradford was merged with the borough of Keighley, the urban districts of Baildon, Bingley, Denholme, Ilkley, Shipley and Silsden, along with the Queensbury parts of Queensbury and Shelf urban district and the parishes of Addingham, Kildwick and Steeton with Eastburn from Skipton Rural District.

[edit] Economy

This is a chart of trend of regional gross value added of Bradford at current basic prices published (pp.240-253) by Office for National Statistics with figures in millions of British Pounds Sterling.

Year Regional Gross Value Added4 Agriculture1 Industry2 Services3
1995 4,343 23 1,683 2,637
2000 5,575 9 1,830 3,735
2003 6,272 13 1,774 4,486

Note 1: includes hunting and forestry

Note 2: includes energy and construction

Note 3: includes financial intermediation services indirectly measured

Note 4: Components may not sum to totals due to rounding

[edit] Settlement

Places within the borough boundaries (in addition to the Bradford city area itself) include Addingham, Baildon, Bingley, Burley-in-Wharfedale, Cottingley, Cullingworth, Denholme, Haworth, Ilkley, Keighley, Manningham, Menston, Oakworth, Oxenhope, Queensbury, Saltaire, Shipley, Silsden, Steeton with Eastburn, Thornton and Wilsden.

The northern and western parts of the district are largely rural, with areas of high moorland including the famous Ilkley Moor and Brontë Country.

[edit] Parishes

Most of the Bradford city area is still unparished, but there are parish and town councils for most of the outlying towns and villages in the District. From April 2004, the parishes in the borough are:

[edit] Demographics

It has a large number of recent immigrants, and approximately 22% of the population are from ethnic minority groups, particularly from Pakistan. Asian immigrants' restaurants have led to the city being dubbed "the curry capital of Europe". Bradford is the district with the fourth highest percentage of Muslims in Britain (16.1% compared to an average of 3.0%).

[edit] Age Structure

0-4 years 33,240 (7.1 %)
5-15 years 76.087 (16.3 %)
16-24 years 58,305 (12.5 %)
25-44 years 130,742 (28.0 %)
45-64 years 101,630 (21.7 %)
65-74 years 36,101 (7.7 %)
75+ years 31,560 (6.7 %)

[edit] Work

Economically active, of all people aged 16 - 74 207,122 (63.4 %)
Employed (including self-employed) of economically active 184,558 (89.1 %)
Unemployed, of economically active 14,281 (6.9 %)
Full time student working or looking for work, of economically active 8,283 (4.0 %)
Economically inactive, of all people aged 16 - 74 119,656 (36.6 %)
Retired, of economically inactive 41,922 (35.0 %)
Student not working or looking for work, of economically inactive 18,116 (15.1 %)
Looking after family/home, of economically inactive 24,972 (20.9 %)
Permanently sick or disabled, of economically inactive 20,042 (16.7 %)
Other, of economically inactive 14,604 (12.2 %)

[edit] Ethnic Group

Bangladeshi 4,968 (1.1 %)
Black or Black British 4,333 (0.9 %)
Indian 12,504 (2.7 %)
Mixed 6,937 (1.5 %)
Pakistani 67,994 (14.5 %)
White 366,041 (78.3 %)
Other ethnic group 4,890 (1.0 %)

[edit] Education

Education in the borough is provided for by a number of schools and colleges. State schooling is managed by Bradford Local Education Authority. There are also a number of independent (private) schools, such as Bradford Grammar School, as well as several futher education colleges, while the University of Bradford is the main higher education provider.

[edit] 2006 Local government election

The district is divided into 30 wards and each is represented on the district council by three councillors. Each councillor is normally elected on a first past the post basis for a four-year period which is staggered with the other councillors of that ward so that only one councillor per ward is up for election at any one time. Exceptions to this include by-elections and ward boundary changes.

The table below summarises the results of the 2006 local government election. Each party is ordered by number of votes registered. Although these are the results after the election, the current number of seats per party is slightly different. Councillor Rupert Oliver<ref>Bradford Council Annual Reports - Counciller Rupert Oliver</ref> was returned by the Bowling and Barkerend ward in 2004 for four years as a Liberal Democrat councillor<ref>2004 Local Election Results for Bradford MDC</ref> and is included in the fourteen Liberal Democrat seats shown below. However, after the 2006 election, he left the party and now stands as an Independent. This leaves the Liberal Democrats with 13 seats and 2 held by Independents.

[discuss] – [edit]
Summary of the 2006 City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council election results
Seats Gains Losses Net
Seats % Votes % Votes +/-
Labour 3661+540.030.843,367
Conservative 3325-336.731.143,832
Liberal Democrats 1412-115.622.231,242
British National 212-12.212.918,212
Green 40004.42.94,813
Independent 10001.100
Total90 141,466

[edit] See also

  • More information about the Bradford District is contained under the Bradford entry.

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