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Christian Democracy</small>


Christian Democratic parties
Christian Democrat International
European People's Party
European Democratic Party
Euro Christian Political Movement
Christian Dem Org of America


Social conservatism
Social market economy
Human dignity · Personalism
Freedom · Justice · Solidarity
Sphere sovereignty · Subsidiarity
Communitarianism · Federalism
Stewardship · Sustainability

Catholic social teaching
Neo-Calvinism · Neo-Thomism

Important Documents

Rerum Novarum (1891)
Stone Lectures (Princeton 1898)
Graves de Communi Re (1901)
Quadragesimo Anno (1931)
Laborem Exercens (1981)
Sollicitudi Rei Socialis (1987)
Centesimus Annus (1991)

Important Figures

Thomas Aquinas · John Calvin
Pope Leo XIII · Abraham Kuyper
Maritain · Adenauer · De Gasperi
Pope Pius XI · Schuman
Pope John Paul II · Kohl

Politics Portal · edit

There are many Christian Democratic parties. Exact names vary.

Image:Flag of Albania.svg AlbaniaChristian Democratic Party
Image:Flag of Australia.svg Australia

Image:Flag of Austria.svg AustriaAustrian People's Party
Image:Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium

Image:Flag of Bolivia.svg BoliviaChristian Democratic Party
Image:Flag of Chile (bordered).svg ChileChristian Democratic Party
Image:Flag of Cuba.svg Cuba

Image:Flag of the Czech Republic (bordered).svg Czech Republic

Image:Flag of Denmark.svg DenmarkChristian Democratic Party
Image:Flag of El Salvador.svg El SalvadorChristian Democratic Party
Image:Flag of Fiji.svg FijiChristian Democratic Alliance (defunct)
Image:Flag of Finland (bordered).svg FinlandChristian Democrats
Image:Flag of France.svg France

Image:Flag of Germany.svg Germany

Image:Flag of Gibraltar (bordered).svg GibraltarNew Gibraltar Democracy
Image:Flag of Haiti.svg HaitiChristian Democratic Party
Image:Flag of Honduras.svg HondurasChristian Democratic Party
Image:Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary

Image:Flag of Ireland.svg IrelandFine Gael
Image:Flag of Italy.svg Italy

Image:Flag of Macedonia.svg Republic of MacedoniaInternal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization [citation needed]
Image:Flag of Luxembourg.svg LuxembourgChristian Social People's Party
Image:Flag of Mexico.svg MexicoNational Action Party
Image:Flag of Moldova.svg MoldovaPopular Christian Democratic Party
Image:Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands

Image:Flag of New Zealand.svg New ZealandUnited Future New Zealand
Image:Flag of Norway.svg NorwayChristian People's Party
Image:Flag of Panama (bordered).svg PanamaChristian Democratic Party
Image:Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg Papua New GuineaChristian Democratic Party
Image:Flag of the Philippines.svg PhilippinesLakas-Christian Muslim Democrats
Image:Flag of Portugal.svg PortugalDemocratic and Social Center
Image:Flag of Romania.svg RomaniaChristian Democratic People's Party
Image:Flag of Samoa.svg SamoaChristian Democratic Party
Image:Flag of San Marino.svg San MarinoChristian Democratic Party
Image:Flag of Serbia (state) (bordered).svg SerbiaChristian Democratic Party
Image:Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia

Image:Flag of Slovenia.svg SloveniaNew Slovenia
Image:Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa

Image:Flag of Sweden.svg SwedenChristian Democratic Party
Image:Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland

Image:Flag of Ukraine.svg UkraineChristian Democratic Union
Image:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom

Image:Flag of Venezuela.svg Venezuela

[edit] See also

Image:Flag of the United States.svg United StatesChristian Democratic Union — nascent Christian Democratic party in the United States

[edit] Other Christian-based parties

[edit] Philosophies

[edit] Indices

de:Liste christdemokratischer und konservativer Parteien nl:Lijst van christendemocratische partijen zh:基督教民主主義政黨

Christian Democratic Party

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