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<tr><td colspan="3" style="text-align: center; background-color: #FFFFFF;">Image:Chinasouth.gif</td></tr><tr><th colspan="2">Hubs</th><td>Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l Airport</td></tr><tr><th colspan="2">Focus cities / secondary hubs</th><td>Beijing Capital Int'l Airport
Xiamen Gaoqi Int'l Airport</td></tr><tr><th colspan="2">Frequent flyer program</th><td>Sky Pearl Club</td></tr><tr><th colspan="2">Alliance</th><td>SkyTeam
(Joining Early 2007)</td></tr><tr><th colspan="2">Parent company</th><td>China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.</td></tr>
China Southern Airlines
Zhōngguó Nánfāng Hángkōng Gōngsī
Fleet size264
HeadquartersGuangzhou, People's Republic of China
Key peopleWang Changshun (President)

China Southern Airlines (中国南方航空公司) (SEHK: 1055, NYSE: ZNH) is an airline based in Guangzhou in the Guangdong province of the People's Republic of China (PRC). Operating domestic, regional and international services, it is the largest airline in China in terms of fleet size and passengers carried.

Its main operations hub is at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, with hubs at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN), Zhuhai Airport (ZUH), Shantou Airport (SWA), Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport, Wuhan Tianhe Airport (WUH), Haikou Airport (HAK), Guiyang Airport (KWE), Guilin Airport (KWL), Changsha airport (CSX), Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport (CGO).


[edit] History

The airline was established in March 1995. In June 1997 China Southern Airlines initial public stock offering on the New York and Hong Kong stock exchanges generated over $700 million. In July 2000, Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), announced that it had selected China Southern as one of three airlines to lead the restructuring of China's air transport industry. It acquired Zhongyuan Airlines on 4 August 2000. In January 2003 the airline absorbed China Northern Airlines and its subsidiaries Beiya Airlines and China Northern Swan, as well as China Xinjiang Airlines, into its domestic operations. In November 2004 the acquisition was completed as China Southern acquired the holding company that owned China Northern and China Xinjiang.

In 2004, the company achieved a turnover of around 40 million passengers, becoming one of the top ten passenger carriers in the world. Among all Chinese airlines, it boasts the largest fleet with the most bases, most extensive domestic networks and highest flight frequencies. Renowned for its excellent passenger services, the airline has won Five-star Diamond Award for flight services and has been honoured as China's best airline by TTG Asia Magazine.

It signed a Memorandum of Understanding on August 28, 2004 with SkyTeam Alliance, which it will then be able to join, thus becoming the first mainland Chinese airline to enter a global airline alliance. Members of any SkyTeam mileage program can redeem miles on China Southern by contacting the airline of choice or simply entering their SkyPearl club number if that is one of the choices for a frequent flyer program. They are scheduled to join late 2006 to early 2007.

[edit] Destinations

Further information: China Southern Airlines destinations

[edit] Fleet

Image:China southair.JPG
Boeing 777-200 (Kansai Airport)

The China Southern Airlines fleet consists of the following aircraft as of October 2006:

China Southern Airlines Fleet
Type Total Passengers Routes Notes
Airbus A300-600 6
Airbus A319-100 24
Airbus A320-200 44 156 (156)
Airbus A321-200 15
Airbus A330-200 4
(2 Orders)
ATR 72-500 5
Boeing 737-300 26 145 (145)
Boeing 737-500 12 132 (132)
Boeing 737-700 11
(9 Orders)
Boeing 737-800 12
(18 Orders)
Boeing 747-400F 2
Boeing 757-200 21 200 (8/192)
Boeing 777-200 10 A: 292 (18/65/209)
B: 380 (24/356)
Embraer ERJ 145 6
McDonnell Douglas MD-82 23
McDonnell Douglas MD-90 12
Cessna 208 Caravan 1
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan 1

In October 2006, China Southern Airlines fleet age is 6.6 years old.

[edit] Orders

  • Delivery of the first Airbus A330-243 to China Southern Airlines took place on 25 February 2005, with the second in March 2005. It is the first operator of the type in China and has a further two on order due for delivery in the first half of 2005. The aircraft seats 266 passengers and will be operated mainly on medium and long range routes, including some possible new international routes.
  • China Southern Airlines has agreed a leasing deal for 9 Boeing 737-800 from GECAS for 7 years, with deliveries to be completed by February 2006 (ref: Airliner World, March 2005).
  • An agreement has been signed with Airbus for the purchase of 5 Airbus A380-800 aircraft for delivery in time for the 2008 Olympics. It is the first commitment for the type from a Chinese carrier. China Southern has also signed initial agreement for the purchase of 13 Boeing 787 aircraft, of which 3 would be for its affiliate Xiamen Airlines. The aircraft would be delivered between 2008 and 2010 (ref: Airliner World, April 2005).
  • The airline has placed an order for 10 Airbus A330 aircraft, also to be delivered in time for the 2008 Olympics [1].

On the 7th July 2006 China Southern Airlines has confirmed a deal with Airbus covering the purchase of 50 more A320 narrowbodies for delivery from 2009.

[edit] Incidents and Accidents

  • November 24 1992, China Southern flight CZ3943, a Boeing 737 jetliner (Reg. B-2523) crashed in to a hill near Guilin, Guangxi, killing all 141 on board, due to an engine thrust malfunction.
  • May 8 1997, China Southern flight CZ3456, a Boeing 737 jetliner (Reg. B-2925) crashed on approach into Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport killing 35, with 9 injured.
  • On 22 August 2006, flight CZ325 from Guangzhou, China to Sydney, Australia had to be turned back to Guangzhou after a note had been found indicating a bomb was on board. The plane was returned to Guangzhou after one hour into the flight. Passengers were interviewed by police for two hours after landing, after which they were allowed back onto the plane to resume their journey. A 39-year-old Australian businessman of Hong Kong origin was arrested after Chinese police matched his handwriting with that of the threatening note found in the lavatory. He was allegedly to have told police that he had made the threat because he was lovesick and suffering from depression over a failed relationship, the Xinhua news agency was quoted as saying. [2]

[3] [4]

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