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The China Daily is an English-language daily newspaper published in the People's Republic of China. The Communist Party of China-controlled state-run publication has the widest print circulation (200,000 per issue) of any English-language newspaper in the country.

The editorial office is in north Beijing, and the newspaper has branch offices in most major cities of China as well as several foreign capitals.

According to a foreign editor working at the China Daily (see Leaking State Secrets), a high degree of self-censorship is practised by journalists at the paper. Subjects such as Taiwan, Tibet and the religious group Falun Gong are usually "too sensitive" for regular reporters to cover, and articles have to be approved by higher authorities before publication. This often leads to a delay of several days between the occurrence of major news events and their reportage in the paper.

The editor of the China Daily, Zhu Ling, has told foreign editors that the paper's editorial policy was to support the policies of the Communist Party and only make criticism of the authorities if there was deviation from Party policy.

The China Daily was established in 1981. Several journalists on the new paper supported the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstrations. After the June 6th massacre many were purged. One example is You Nuo, who was exiled to Xinjiang for several years before being rehabilitated.

Foreign editors at the paper have been told that like most state-owned enterprises, the China Daily will no longer receive generous government subsidies and the newspaper's publication group is expected to show a profit. To this end, the paper has adopted a more commercial approach and its editorial content is being pitched increasingly towards younger readers so as to attract more advertising revenue. The paper is still running at a loss in the increasingly competitive Chinese publication market. Much of the publishing group's revenue comes from real estate investments - including a major new commercial complex being built at the newspaper's Huixing Dongjie compound.

The newspaper also runs a China Daily online website, which has been accused of plagiarism of material from other China-related websites.

As a newspaper group, the China Daily Group also publishes 21st Century, Beijing Weekend, China Business Weekly, the China Daily Hong Kong Edition and the Shanghai Star. The China Daily is a member of the Asia News Network.

The paper was founded in 1981, not 1985; and the date June 6th should June 4th.[citation needed]

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