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Chess will be contested at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar from December 2 to December 14. Rapid Chess will be held for men and women as well as a mixed Classical Chess competition. All events are to be held at the Al-Dana Indoor Hall.


[edit] Men's Rapid Swiss

Player NOC December 2 December 3 December 4
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total
DAO Thien Hai Image:Flag of Vietnam.svg11.511.55
Murtas KazhgaleyevImage:Flag of Kazakhstan.svg11.511.55
Bu XiangzhiImage:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg1011115
Wang YueImage:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg11.51014.5
Elshan MoradiabadiImage:Flag of Iran.svg1.510.514
HOSSAIN Enamul Image:Flag of Bangladesh.svg11.501.54
AL MEDAIHKI Mohammed Image:Flag of Qatar.svg1.5.51014
NGUYEN Anh Dung Image:Flag of Vietnam.svg1.5101.54
BARSOV Alekxei Image:Flag of Uzbekistan.svg1011104
Ehsan Ghaem MaghamiImage:Flag of Iran.svg.51.51014
AL SAYED Mohammed Image:Flag of Qatar.svg1.5.501.53.5
ANNABERDIYEV Meylis Image:Flag of Turkmenistan.svg10101.53.5
LAYLO DarwinImage:Flag of the Philippines.svg1.
DABLEO Ronald Image:Flag of the Philippines.svg1.501013.5
Sasikiran KrishnanImage:Flag of India.svg.
Harikrishna PentalaImage:Flag of India.svg1.5.5.5103.5
Darmen SadvakassovImage:Flag of Kazakhstan.svg.51010.53
Utut Adianto WahjuwidajatImage:Flag of Indonesia.svg1.500113.5
MEGARANTO Susanto Image:Flag of Indonesia.svg101.5103.5
KASIMDZHANOV Rustam Image:Flag of Uzbekistan.svg11.50013.5
TSEGMED Batchuluun Image:Flag of Mongolia.svg0101103
IBRAHIM Talib Moosa Image:Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg0010113
AMANOV Mesgen Image:Flag of Turkmenistan.svg011.50.53
BAKR JwanImage:Flag of Syria.svg0011103
RUSSELL Athula Image:Flag of Sri Lanka.svg0011013
SATTAR Reefat Bin Image:Flag of Bangladesh.svg101.5002.5
HAKKI Imad Image:Flag of Syria.svg.5010012.5
SAMHOURI Ahmad Image:Flag of Jordan.svg0101002
AL-HAMMADI Abdulla HasanImage:Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg.
BAYARSAIKHAN Gundavaa Image:Flag of Mongolia.svg.5000112.5
KOJIMA Shinya Image:Flag of Japan (bordered).svg01.50102.5
EL RIMAWI Bahjat Thaer Image:Flag of Jordan.svg0010.512.5
SHRESTHA Bilam Lal Image:Flag of Nepal.svg01010.52.5
MAK Tong Kuan Image:Flag of Macau.svg0101002
TAAMRA Atta Image:Palestinian flag.svg0010102
AYYAD Husain Image:Flag of Bahrain.svg0100012
GALAPPATHTHI Chinthaka Image:Flag of Sri Lanka.svg0110002
AYYAD Maher Image:Flag of Bahrain.svg000.5101.5
NANJO Ryosuke Image:Flag of Japan (bordered).svg000.5011.5
LAMA Surbir Image:Flag of Nepal.svg010.5001.5
ABELGAS Rodolfo Image:Flag of Macau.svg0001001

[edit] Women's Rapid Swiss

Player NOC December 2 December 3 December 4
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total
KONERU Humpy Image:Flag of India.svg1111105
SUKANDAR Irine Kharisma Image:Flag of Indonesia.svg1.501114.5
Atousa PourkashiyanImage:Flag of Iran.svg1110.514.5
ZHAO Xue Image:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg101.5114.5
NGUYEN Thi Thanh An Image:Flag of Vietnam.svg101.5.514
GELDYYEVA Mahri Image:Flag of Turkmenistan.svg.5110013.5
MIR MAHMOD Afamya Image:Flag of Syria.svg011.5003.5
BATKHUYAG Munguntuul Image:Flag of Mongolia.svg1.
AKETAYEVA Dana Image:Flag of Kazakhstan.svg101.5013.5
DOCENA Jedara Image:Flag of the Philippines.svg.5.5011.53.5
SABIROVA Olga Image:Flag of Uzbekistan.svg110.5103.5
AKTER Samima Image:Flag of Bangladesh.svg0.511103.5
JAMALIAH Natalie Image:Flag of Jordan.svg0011013
Zhu ChenImage:Flag of Qatar.svg1101003
METHMALI Yasoda Image:Flag of Sri Lanka.svg0101013
NAKAGAWA Emiko Image:Flag of Japan (bordered).svg01.50102.5
KHAMBOO Mona Lisha Image:Flag of Nepal.svg0010102
SALEH Noura Mohamed Image:Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg0000112
JARADAT Shadia Image:Palestinian flag.svg0100012
MUTAYWEA Aysha Image:Flag of Bahrain.svg10.50001.5
CHAN I Sin Image:Flag of Macau.svg0001001

[edit] Mixed Classical Chess Combined

[edit] Chess Medal Table


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