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Chaldean may refer to:

  1. the contemporary Assyrian people, belonging to the Chaldean Catholic Church.
    • Chaldean Neo-Aramaic is a modern Aramaic language spoken today by Chaldean Catholics. Chaldean script is sometimes used to refer to the Eastern Syriac alphabet. Biblical Aramaic used to be referred to as 'Chaldean' or 'Chaldee'.
  2. the historical Babylonians, in particular in a Hellenistic context
  3. the Khaldi, called Chaldeans by classical authors in spite of being unrelated to the Assyrians

[edit] References

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ar:حضارة كلدانية

es:Caldeos fa:کلدانی‌ها fi:Kaldealaiset ja:カルデア語 pl:Chaldejczycy ru:Халдеи sv:Kaldéer tr:Keldaniler


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