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This page is for suggesting categories that need work. This might be when:

  • Subcategories need to be created for very large categories. A better template for this specific problem is {{verylarge}}.
  • An existing categorization scheme has become problematic, messy, or hard to navigate, and needs to be refactored.
  • Articles are classified according to Scheme A, but need to be cross-referenced by Scheme B. (For example, "by date" vs. "by type" subcategory schemes.)
  • Links or titles are malformed

To add a category here, visit it, click the "edit" tab, and add the tag {{cleancat}} to the category, which will display the following text:

Add your comments about why it needs cleanup to its talk page.

Your work on these categories can help encourage others to pitch in if you add something like the following to your edit summary:

[[:Category:Wikipedia categories in need of attention|Help fix categories in need of attention!]]

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[edit] Tagged categories

Under "Subcategories", below, you will find categories that have been tagged {{cleancat}}.

Under "Articles", you will find categories with {{cleancat}} on their talk pages. Several of the Template: and Wikipedia: pages which appear there do so for technical reasons; they do not need cleanup.

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