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A profession is a specialized work function, or economic activity, within society, generally performed by a professional. In a more restrictive sense, profession often refers specifically to fields that require extensive study and mastery of specialized knowledge, such as law, medicine, finance, the military, nursing, the clergy or engineering. In the latter strict sense, a profession is a regulated occupation usually requiring entry by examination. Many professions are regulated by statute. A profession is usually a job requiring mental adroitness, as compared to a trade, which requires manual dexterity.

It has been suggested that there are four main criteria that identify a profession:

1.) Custody of a clearly definable and valuable body of knowledge and understanding associated with a long period of training.

2.) A strong unitary organisation which ensures that the profession generally speaks with one voice.

3.) Clearly defined and rigorous entry standards, backed up with a requirement to register with the professional association.

4.) An overriding responsibility to maintain the standards of the profession for the public's benefit.

From Collin's, Ghey and Mills (1989)eo:Kategorio:Profesioj it:Categoria:Professioni

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