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[edit] Image:Portal.svg Category about Wikimedia / Wikipedia Portals

This category contains the English Wikipedia's portals. A portal is a focus page which highlights a particular subject, to complement the main article on that subject. Portals feature articles covering the portal's theme, and generally provide lists of related articles, and thus provide an alternative means to browse on Wikipedia. Besides this category and its subcategories, there is also a complete list of portals on Wikipedia arranged by theme. There is a multilingual portal covering all of Wikipedia at

This category contains the top level portal categories and portal pages; portals are sorted into relevant subcategories byتصنيف:بوابات be:Катэгорыя:Вікіпэдыя:Парталы bg:Категория:Портали в Уикипедия ca:Categoria:Portals cs:Kategorie:Wikiportály da:Kategori:Wikiportaler de:Kategorie:Portal el:Κατηγορία:Βικιπύλες es:Categoría:Portales eo:Kategorio:Portaloj eu:Kategoria:Atariak fr:Catégorie:Portail it:Categoria:Portali he:קטגוריה:פורטלים lt:Kategorija:Wikisritys lb:Category:Portaler hu:Kategória:Portálok nl:Categorie:Wikipedia:Hoofdportalen ja:Category:ウィキポータル no:Kategori:Portaler pl:Kategoria:Portale pt:Categoria:!Portais ro:Categorie:Portal ru:Категория:Порталы sk:Kategória:Wikiportály sq:Category:Portala sl:Kategorija:Portali sr:Категорија:Портали sv:Kategori:Portaler th:Category:สถานีย่อย tr:Kategori:Portallar vi:Thể loại:Cổng tri thức Wikipedia zh:Category:主题首页 zh-yue:Category:指南 zh-classical:Category:門

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