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This category is for people about whom there is (or was for a long period) a mystery as to their identity, immediate origins, or life.

It should not include people merely because few facts are known about their lives due to a lack of documentation. Also, just because a person is reclusive or hides his activities is not a reason to include him in this category, nor would a simple lack of surviving records justify inclusion in the category. The category should include unidentified criminals only if a better category in which they fit in does not exist.

Finally, the category should not include pseudonymns, nonexistent people, characters from folklore, unidentified murder victims, or people probably created through a work of fiction (even if the author claims that the person is real, unless there is evidence outside of the work that the person exists).

Disclaimer: This category may inappropriately label persons. See Wikipedia:categorization of people for advice on how to apply categorization to articles relating toКамтегория:Мистериозни личности fr:Catégorie:Personnalité mystérieuse

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