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Category:Current events

Category:Current events

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Image:Current event marker.svg This article documents a current event.
Information may change rapidly as the event progresses.
This category contains articles about things that are still happening. This means, in general, that there is a statement on the page mentioning a date within the last month.

To add an article to this category, please tag it with {{current}}

For current sporting events, use {{current sport}}
For a computer game under development, use {{current game}}

For events in the slightly more distant future, use:

For films planned for future release, use {{Future film}}
For video games planned for future release, use {{Future game}}
For spaceflights planned in the future, use {{Future spaceflight}}
For elections planned in the future, use {{Future election}}
For software under development, use {{Future software}}
For infrastructure planned for construction, use {{Future infrastructure}}
Major current events:
  • At least 300 people are killed in clashes between the army of Sudan and the People's Liberation Army in the southern Sudanese town of Malakal.
  • The 15th Asian Games, a multi-sport event, open in Doha, Qatar, with forty-five participating countries.
  • Economist and former Finance Minister Rafael Correa (pictured) wins the Ecuadorian presidential election after a run-off.
  • A series of car bombs and mortar attacks kills more than 200 people in Sadr City, Iraq.
  • The Socialist Party gains in Dutch elections, while Jan Peter Balkenende's Christian Democrats retain their plurality in the Tweede Kamer.
  • Former Russian secret agent Alexander Litvinenko dies in a hospital in London after being poisoned with polonium.
  • When used properly, it invites any user to fill in the Wiki community on the latest information about the subject of an article.

    In order to keep this category relevant and usable, it is also important that events are removed when they are no longer current.

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