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As at 1 January 2006, there are 50 local government districts and civil parishes in England which have city status.

Most of these cities have categories of their own, and these are listed below. Articles relevant to the other cities can be accessed through the main article about the city, or through the category menu for the county in which it is situated, which can be reached via the main article. All 50 main articles are listed below (London is listed twice).

The other urban settlements in England are classified as towns. A full list of towns can be foundتصنيف:مدن إنجلترا bg:Категория:Градове в Англия cs:Kategorie:Anglická města cy:Category:Dinasoedd Lloegr da:Kategori:Engelske byer de:Kategorie:City (England) fr:Catégorie:Ville d'Angleterre hu:Kategória:Anglia települései id:Kategori:Kota di Inggris it:Categoria:Città dell'Inghilterra ja:Category:イングランドの都市 lt:Kategorija:Anglijos miestai nl:Categorie:Stad in Engeland no:Kategori:Byer i England pl:Kategoria:Miasta Anglii pt:Categoria:Cidades da Inglaterra ru:Категория:Города Англии simple:Category:Cities in England sk:Kategória:Mestá v Anglicku fi:Luokka:Englannin kaupungit sv:Kategori:Orter i England

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