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Casey Sheehan
May 29, 1979April 4, 2004
Image:Casey Sheehan.jpg
Specialist Casey Sheehan
Place of birth Vacaville, California
Place of death Baghdad, Iraq
Allegiance United States of America
Years of service 2000–2004
Rank Specialist
Unit 1st Cavalry Division
Battles/wars Operation Iraqi Freedom
Awards Bronze Star Medal
Purple Heart

Casey Austin Sheehan (May 29, 1979April 4, 2004) was a Specialist in the United States Army who was killed by enemy action while serving in the Iraq War. He is the son of Cindy Sheehan, who subsequently has become a prominent anti-war protester, and Patrick Sheehan, a sales representative.


[edit] Early years

He joined the Cub Scouts at the age of six. At eight he became an altar server at his church. In 1996, he attained the rank of Eagle Scout, the second one awarded by his Boy Scout Troop (180).<ref name = Black5> Army Specialist Casey Sheehan - Someone You Should (Have) Know(n), Blackfive blog, </ref> After his death, the Casey Austin Sheehan Memorial Award was created as an annual award to honor his memory.

He graduated from Vacaville High School in Vacaville, California with honors in 1997. In 2000 he graduated from Solano Community College with an associate's degree in Drama.<ref> Casey Sheehan, The Iraq Page </ref>

[edit] Military service

In May 2000, Sheehan enlisted in the United States Army as a light-wheeled vehicle mechanic, MOS 63B. It has been reported that he had originally considered enlisting as a Chaplain's assistant MOS 56M. (Sheehan had acted as an altar server during the Palm Sunday mass on the morning of his death).<ref> For Some, a Loss in Iraq Turns Into Antiwar Activism: Gold Star Families Band Together to 'Make People Care', Washington Post, February 22 2005 </ref>

Near the end of his tour of duty, the US invasion of Iraq began. Sheehan re-enlisted, knowing that his unit would be sent to Iraq[citation needed]. Sheehan's division, the First Cavalry Division, was sent to Iraq. On March 19, 2004, Sheehan's unit, Charlie Battery, 1st Battalion , 82nd Field Artillery Regiment arrived at FOB War Eagle in Sadr City. Just a few weeks later, on April 4, 2004, Sheehan was killed in action after volunteering as part of a Quick Reaction Force to rescue American troops.

Casey Sheehan was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal with V for Valor posthumously for actions in Iraq April 4, 2004.<ref name=Black5> Army Specialist Casey Sheehan - Someone You Should (Have) Know(n), Blackfive blog </ref>

The chapel at Fort Hood started a new Knights of Columbus chapter that was named the Specialist Casey Austin Sheehan Council.<ref> Mother's Vigil Recalls Quiet, Dedicated Son, Associated Press, August 13 2005 </ref>

Sheehan is buried in Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery in Vacaville, California. As of May 2006, his mother had provided a tombstone at his grave following criticism that Casey, who died in 2004, lacked a gravestone. Cindy paid for the tombstone herself, stating "It is important for the rest of Casey's family to have one... I guess the pain of seeing it etched in marble that he is dead is another pain I will have to deal with." Cindy maintains that the United States "government should have paid for it because of its responsibility for his death." The Department of Veterans Affairs does provide such monuments upon request.<ref> Claim: Cindy Sheehan failed to provide a tombstone for her son's grave -- Status: true, Snopes </ref>

[edit] Urban legend

In 2005, an untrue rumor circulated that Casey Sheehan had been raised by his father alone, after his parents had divorced and remarried.<ref> Claim: Cindy Sheehan's son, Casey, was raised by her ex-husband after the couple divorced and both remarried -- Status: false, Snopes </ref>

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