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Camden Market is a major youth focused market or shopping district in Camden Town, and the largest shopping area of its type in London, England. It is a leading tourist attraction which attracts tens of thousands of people a day in the summer, a high proportion of them overseas visitors to the UK. It began in its present form in 1974 when the Camden Lock crafts market was formed, although the traditional local street market in Inverness Street, which has now been absorbed by Camden Market, existed before that. It consists of six separate neighbouring markets:

  • Camden Lock Market - the original crafts focused market, established in 1974. Mostly indoors.
  • Stables Market - the largest of the markets. Mainly clothes and furniture, plus many other bits and pieces.
  • Camden Canal Market - an outdoor market focusing on clothes.
  • Buck Street Market - another outdoor market focusing on clothes.
  • Electric Ballroom - an indoor market open on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Inverness Street - a small traditional street market.
Shoppers in Chalk Farm Road.

Most of the shops in Chalk Farm Road also sell goods aimed at the same youth market, and many of them operate with their frontages wide open in a semi market style.

As of 2006 a large indoor market hall is under construction in a yard between the Stables Market and Camden Lock Market, which was previously used for open air stalls.

The Camden Market area is famed as the stamping ground of many well known musicians, including Madness who bought their loafers at the British Boot Company, the first distributors of Doc Martens in the UK. There are several well known music venues nearby.

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