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Brampton Manor School is a comprehensive secondary school situated in East Ham in East London and has around 1600 students and over 100 staff.

The headteacher is currently Neil Berry. Neil's father was Johnny Berry who played for Manchester United and was injured in the Munich Air Disaster.

The school is currently undergoing a massive renovation project which started back in 1999 under the title of Brampton 2000.

Ravi Bopara is a famous young Essex Cricket player who was selected for the provisional England 30-man ICC Champions Trophy squad for 2006, who was a student at the school.


[edit] Uniform

The Brampton Manor uniform consists of the following:

  • White Polo shirt with logo
  • Navy Blue jumper with logo
  • Navy Blue trousers, skirts or religious dresses
  • Only black or navy blue outdoor jackets allowed
  • Black shoes only
  • Navy blue or black head scarves
  • Navy Blue polo shirt for PE with logo
  • Navy Blue shorts for PE with logo

[edit] Future Plans

There have been rumours about the following:

  • To convert the School in to a Sixth-Form
  • To add Blazers to the uniform

[edit] Renovational projects

A new sports hall was built and the old sports hall is currently been developed into a new drama backstage as the Brampton Manor is now a specialist preforming arts school.

[edit] Contact Details

Brampton Manor School

Roman Road

London E6 3SQ

Tel: 020 7540 0500

Fax: 020 7540 0510

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Brampton Manor School

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