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Boris Vladimirovich Stomakhin (Russian: Борис Владимирович Стомахин), (born August 24, 1974, Moscow), is a Russian politician, journalist, and dissident.

Boris Stomakhin is editor of newspaper "Radical Politics" since 2000 and leader of "Revolutionary Union" organization since 1999. He was also one of most active participants of Chechen internet newspaper Kavkaz Center.

He is a leader of "Movement for Independence of Chechnya". Other members of this organization are Pavel Cantora, Dmitry Tarasov, Ludmila Evstifeeva, and Pavel Luzakov.

Stomakhin organized numerous demonstrations against the war in Chechya and has been prosecuted by Russian authorities on many occasions. He was arrested on March 21 2006 in Moscow. During this arrest he fell down from the fourth floor of his building (it was said that he tried to escape). His spine and bones were broken.

He was sentenced to five years of prison for "promoting hatred", because he claimed that Putin's Russia should be destroyed by all available means, including armed resistance. He considers contemporary Russia as something similar to Nazi Germany. He was also critial of Russians as a "nation of occupiers".

Human rights activists Svetlana Gannushkina and Valeria Novodvorskaya believe that Stomakhin only exercised his right of free speech and did nothing violent, and therefore he is a peaceful political dissident prosecuted by authorities. But most Russians think he was rightly accused.

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Boris Stomakhin

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