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'Ville de Boma'
Nickname: "The First Capital"
Location in the Congo
Province Bas-Congo
Mayor Philippe Paku Mapangaha
 - City  ? km²
 - City (1984) 197,617
 - Density  ?/km²
Time zone DRC1 (UTC+1)

The port town of Boma (1984 pop. 197,617) in Bas-Congo was the capital city of the Belgian Congo (the modern Democratic Republic of the Congo) from 1 May 1886 to 1926, when it was moved to Léopoldville (since renamed Kinshasa). A port and railhead for Tshela, it exports tropical timber, bananas, cacao, and palm products.


[edit] History

Boma was founded as a slaving station and entrepôt by merchants of several European countries in the 16th century.

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This article incorporates text from The Modern World Encyclopædia: Illustrated (1935); out of UK copyright as of 2005.

Coordinates: 5°51′S 13°03′Ede:Boma et:Boma es:Boma fr:Boma gl:Boma is:Boma pl:Boma ru:Бома fi:Boma sv:Boma


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