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The former Robert College building on South Campus

Boğaziçi University is widely considered to be one of the prominent educational institutions in Turkey. The university is located on the European Side of the Bosphorus, Istanbul (hence the name, which means 'University of Bosphorus'). The institution currently known as Boğaziçi University was established in 1971 on the campus of Robert College, which, in turn, was established in 1863 as the first American school outside of the United States.


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Aside from the Güney Campus that was inherited from Robert College, the University at the moment has buildings in five other campuses. Of those Kuzey Campus, Hisar Campus and Uçaksavar Campus are located near to the Güney Campus. Güney Campus is situated on a hill between Bebek and Rumeli Hisarüstü. Kuzey Campus and Hisar Campus are located in Rumeli Hisarüstü. Kandilli Campus is located in the Asian side of the Bosphorus (in Çengelköy) and hosts KOERI (Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute). The newest campus is in Kilyos and called Sarıtepe Campus.

Main Campus

  • South Campus: Swimming Pool, Hulya Bozkurt Art Studio, The Ataturk Institute For Modern Turkish History, Psychology and Sociology Building, Administration Building (Gates Hall) and Central Heating, Mithat Alam Film Center, Rectorate, Center for Economic Design - Center for Economics and Econometrics, Assembly Hall (Albert Long Hall), Men's Residence Hall I (Hamlin Hall), Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (Washburn Hall), Students Activities Building (Henrietta Washburn Hall and Dodge Gymnasium), Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Anderson Hall), Computer Center, Faculty of Engineering (Perkin's Hall), School of Foreign Languages, Women's Residence Hall III (Theodorus Hall), Preschool Education Center and Guest House, Infirmary, Kennedy Lodge, Lecture Hall, Foreigner Language Testing Office, Lecture Hall, BUMED, BUVAK, Executive MBA, Natuk Birkan Building, Tevfik Fikret (Asiyan Museum), Post Office

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