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There were two Boer Wars:

Both were between the British Empire and the two independent Boer republics, the Orange Free State and the South African Republic (Transvaal Republic), founded by settlers known as Voortrekkers who made the Great Trek from the Cape Colony and were primarily of Dutch, French and German origin. These settlers were often called Boers and were mainly the descendants of generations of Afrikaners who were living in the eastern Cape frontier.

The war often called simply the "Boer War" is the Second Boer War.

af:Tweede Vryheidsoorlog

bg:Англо-бурска война cs:Búrské války da:Boerkrigen de:Burenkrieg et:Buuri sõda es:Guerra Anglo-Bóers eo:Britia-bura Milito fr:Guerre des Boers gd:Cogadh nam Boer hr:Burski rat is:Búastríðið it:Guerre boere he:מלחמת הבורים nl:Boerenoorlog ja:ボーア戦争 no:Boerkrigene pl:Wojny burskie pt:Primeira Guerra dos Bôeres ru:Англо-бурская война fi:Buurisota sv:Andra boerkriget zh:布尔战争

Boer War

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