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Killer instinct, in human behavior, is a reference to the human propensity to kill, murder. It may also refer to killing an opponent in a less literal sense (ie-I'm gonna kill him/her).

This instinct can either be a natural inclination, or a programmed response. In the case of inclination, one feels the inner need or desire to harm or kill another for no apparent reason (otherwise perfectly calm and lucid).

Bloodlust is a desire for violence, and carnage.

A berserk, animal instinct, state of mind that causes one to gain pleasure in battle. As if possessed by the God of War. Normally the warrior would kill and then cannibalize the corpse of his enemies. This would supposedly further strengthen the warrior. However, scientifically the effect is psychosomatic and only furthers the warriors descent into madness.

Very similar to a person that is under the influence of the drug PCP.

Schizophrenia might then cause the warrior to begin to believe that he has transformed into a ravenous beast. Synonymous with the legends of the Windigo in the folklore of the Ojibwa.

Normally the warrior ends up falling in battle because of his reckless fearlessness. If he survives though, he is probably left insane.

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Killer instinct (human behaviour)

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