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Black magic or dark magick is the branch of magic that is used to perform evil acts or that draws on malevolent powers. In the Inquisition, Christians were afraid of witches and warlocks practicing evil black magic.


[edit] Synonyms

Alternatively spelt with a 'K' (magick), this term is also known as , black magick, dark magick, the dark arts of magick and dark side magick.

[edit] History

In modern times, people who identify as witches and warlocks will use the term to describe the bad magic that they do not do in contrast with the good white magic that they do profess to practice.

Black magic would be invoked to kill, injure, or cause destruction, or for personal gain without regard to harmful consequences to others. As a term, "black magic" is normally used to describe a form of ritual that some group or person does not approve of. Not everything that is called black magic truly has malevolent intentions behind it.

Magic like this is used to directly harm one's opponent in role playing games like Final Fantasy, for example. The opposite of dark magic is white magic. Since the words "black magic" have a negative connotation in Western TV-Y rated shows, this phrase is used instead of "black magic" on Magical DoReMi.

[edit] Black and White magic

The differences between black magic and white magic are debated. Several theories compare and contrast the two branches; these theories include the All as One theory, the No Connection theory, and the Separate but Equal theory.

  • All as One: All forms of magic are evil, or black, magic. This view generally associates black magic with Satanism. The religions that maintain this opinion include most branches of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism. Some people on the left-hand path would agree that all magic, whether called "white" or "black," is the same. These people would not contend that all magic is evil so much as that morality is in the eyes of the beholder -- that any magic can have both good and bad consequences depending on who judges those consequences. In this school of thought, there is no separation between benevolent and malevolent magic because there is no universal morality against which magic can be measured.
  • Dark Doctrine: Black magic refers to the powers of darkness, usually seen from a Left-Hand Path point of view. This may or may not contrast with White magic, depending on the sorcerer's acceptance of dualism.
  • Formal Differences: The forms and components of black magic are different, due to the different aims or interests of those casting harmful spells, than those of white. Harmful spellcasting tends to include symbolism which seems hazardous or harmful to human beings, such as sharp, pointed, prickly, caustic, and hot elements combined with very personal objects from the spell's target (their hair, blood, mementos, etc.). This distinction is primarily observable in folk magic, but pertains to other types of magic also.
  • No Connection: Black and white magic are both forms of magic, but are completely different from the base up and are accomplished differently, even if they achieve similar effects. This stance is the one most often presented in fiction, including the Harry Potter series. In such books, the two classes of magic-users are portrayed as being both ideologically and diametrically opposed.
  • Separate but Equal: Black and white magic are exactly the same thing, differentiated only by their end goals and intent. According to this theory, the same spell could be either white or black; its nature is determined by the end result of the spell.
  • Magic as a Tool: In this ideology, which is becoming increasingly popular, magic is simply a force or aspect of the universe; a tool. It is neither good or bad, and the responsibility for it's consequences are entirely on the user. Just as a hammer is neither good nor evil, but it can be used to inflict harm or build a home, depending on the inclination and intention of the person who uses it.

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Black magic

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